Installing Windows from a Pen Drive

Want to format your PC, but you don’t have a blank DVD handy? Save the pain of buying one, because this tutorial will show you how to install Windows easily using a removable USB drive. Read on!

Things you’ll need:

  1. A pen drive (at least 4 GB, backed up, because we will have to format it during the procedure)
  2. Windows ISO image (Can be downloaded from here)
  3. Windows 7 USB / DVD download tool (Click here to download. Works for Windows 8 DVD also.)


  1. After downloading both the files, install Windows 7 USB / DVD download tool.
  2. Launch it from Start Menu or Start Screen.
  3. Choose the downloaded ISO file when prompted.
  4. When asked to choose the media type, select USB Device.
  5. Plug-in the USB drive and select appropriate drive letter.
  6. Click on Begin Copying. The process of burning the ISO on pen drive will start.

Be patient. This may take around 15-25 mins depending upon the quality and size of the pen drive.

Pro’s of this method:

  • Faster install. When DVD takes around 45 mins for install, it takes only 15 mins to install it from pen drive.
  • No DVD is wasted in the process. You can erase your pen drive and use it again.

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